Umbrella Anchors For Chairs

Umbrella anchors for chair: If you’re headed outside and you’re bring a chair then the chances are you’ll also be sitting in the sun for a while. Most folks bring a beach umbrella to keep them cool in the shade. But umbrellas are top heavy and difficult to hold for any extended period of time. Why not anchor that umbrella instead?

We have lots of Beach Umbrella Anchors for Dirt and Beach Umbrella Anchors for Sand. These clever holders use the soil below as ballast against the umbrella canopy. This is especially important if the wind kicks up. These Beach Umbrella Anchors are inexpensive and effective, especially if you are not sitting in a chair. But a chair can be an effective counter balance too since you are using your own weight while seated and the weight of the chair itself. These clever chair umbrellas have the added benefit of being very lightweight and portable (this means lower shipping costs as well.

Our heavy duty PVC dual beach umbrella clamp secures to your chair’s upright frame section with a unique rotational umbrella pole receptacle clamp that will secure umbrella up to 3/4″ in diameter. This ingenious umbrella clamp allows you to adjust your umbrella’s canopy to maximize the shade underneath. See our Beach Umbrella Chair combo for example.

Our neoprene Umbrella Brace weighs in at just 8 ounces and flexes wide enough to accept beach umbrella poles up to 1.25″ diameter and boasts two connection points for stability.

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