Surf Sider Beach Tent

Surf Sider portable beach tent in two popular styles. Here’s a simple way to shade you and your crew at the beach. Aerodynamic sun shell provides lots of shade as you sink your toes into the soft warm sand with open design to allow you to take in the beauty of the ocean and the beach. There’s a lot to think about in preparing for a trip to the beach. We’ve designed Surf Sider and many other beach related items for over twenty years now. Why not let us assist you in getting the right gear for your beach crew? Call us now at 480-600-1049.

Surf Sider Beach Tent, a Shade USA exclusive. We’ve combined all the cool and useful features from other beach cabanas into one compact affordable sun shelter…. super compact, full UV protection, simple to erect and even a carry bag which makes sense. Features include:

  • Cool crystal blue canopy

  • No uncomfortable plastic floor to deal with so folding is a breeze

  • SPF 55+ with silver interior lining to prevent UV penetration (always wear sun screen to protect from lateral rays).

  • Generous footprint: 9′ x 4.5′ and 4.5′ entry (also available in Max size, see below for details)

  • Super compact and suitcase ready: folds to just 22″ length by 4″ diameter, so it will pack into any travel or carry case.

  • Vented wall windows

  • Interior gear bags sewn to each wall so your stuff stows sand-free

  • Simple 3-pole assembly (see set up below)

  • Sand bags at the corners for extra securing at the beach.

  • Available sand tether option for extra security in the wind, just $12.95

  • Stakes included too for hard-packed soils.

  • Carry bag which is 30% larger than rolled shelter, so you won’t waste time trying to stow your tent after a long day at the beach

  • Weighs just 5 pounds.

  • $39.95/$59.95 (for Max version, see below)

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We made the carry bag extra large to avoid the hassle and tearing when repacking for the trip home from the beach.

Surf Sider Beach Tent available in two sizes
Also available in “Max” size, 30% larger and with all the cool features of the standard Surf Sider Beach Tent: 12′ x 6′ x 6′ footprint with a 6′ entry. folds to compact 26″ x 5″ diameter for super portability. 9 pounds.$39.95/$59.95

Surf Sider beach tent with roll down mesh windows

Surf Sider rear view with mesh window panels open.

Surf Sider beach tent withgear pouch

Handy sewn in gear pouch

Add 4 piece sand bags tethers

Optional sand bag tethers…

Sand bag attachment positions

… attach at reinforced positions to keep tent secure as the wind picks up.