Beach Hut

The Beach Hut by Rio Brands. Looking for a beach umbrella That will provide an extra level of privacy and sun and wind protection? This clever hybrid is a cross between a beach umbrella and a beach tent. Have a question about this or any beach related item? Why not call now for expert advice at 480-600-1049.

It’s an umbrella, it’s a beach cabana. Here’s a simple way to add extra shade to your beach umbrella.

  • 7′ diameter.

  • 50 SPF rating on top canopy (always wear sun screen to protect from lateral rays).

  • Blue top canopy with rainbow panels.

  • Ventilated panels add cross breezes.

  • Sand pockets for anchoring.

  • Apprx 6′ height.

  • Front two panels can be rolled up for wider view.

  • Carry bag included.

  • With Power twist beach insertion feature.

  • 7 pounds.

  • $49.95

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Rio Brands' Beach Hut
$49.95Rio Brands' Beach Hut is self-anchoring
Includes Quick Twist Auger!